Top 5 Types of Addiction Treatment

30 Mar

Many individuals are faced with addiction issues and alcohol or drug addiction may be an issue for you or a loved one. It is important to understand the addiction treatment process as it pertains to your needs. With that understanding, it becomes easier to tailor a plan of care that addresses those needs. The following are key elements of addiction recovery:

A. Prior Treatment: Prior to entering into an addiction treatment plan, it is important to make someone aware of the problem and the dangers of the behavior. This is not limited to family members or close friends. It is also necessary to let the person know the potential dangers of continued use. For example, someone with brain damage will not be able to make someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol understand the dangers of their actions. It is also important to educate patients on their own mental health and addiction problems. The more a patient understands about themselves, the more likely they are to realize that they need help in managing their mental health and substance abuse.

B. Developmental Brain Training: Abnormal brain development and function of the human brain are oftentimes linked with addiction. In cases where the cause of addiction is a mental health or substance abuse issue, it can make it more likely for those suffering from addiction to seek counseling and other forms of treatment to help them better understand how the brain functions. Addiction oftentimes results in poor decision making, poor impulse control, and other personality characteristics. When these things are understood it is easier for the person suffering from addiction to make wise decisions in regards to their use of substances and/or alcohol.
C. Alcoholism: For those who suffer from addiction, alcohol is often used as a form of coping mechanism. However, excessive use of alcohol can result in serious medical issues down the road such as cirrhosis, liver disease, or brain damage due to alcohol. Because of this, proper treatment is essential. Many options exist such as alcohol rehabilitation, social and psychological counseling, and medication as well as various brain exercises and medications.  To get in touch with the best addiction treatment center, visit:

D. Drug Rehabilitation and Medication: Those who suffer from addiction may need to use medications and/or drugs to help manage symptoms of the addiction and to reduce the severity of the behaviors associated with the addiction. For example, in terms of drug rehab, individuals suffering from alcoholism can utilize anti-narcotics to help control their cravings. Those who are addicted to alcoholic beverages but not necessarily consumed to excess can receive counseling and learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships outside of their addiction. It is important to remember that no one is addicted to drugs per se; instead, there are variously related behaviors and biological systems that are combining to create the addiction. Proper treatment can help an individual to break free from the intense physical cravings, the psychological stresses related to the addiction, and the psychological and emotional factors that perpetuate the addictive substances.

E. Brain Development and Other Mental Health Issues: There are a number of mental health disorders that can arise from addiction. These include anxiety, depression, paranoia, mania, delusions, hallucinations, and bipolar disorder. Because of these symptoms, individuals suffering from addiction often go undiagnosed for years while in fact, they are suffering from some form of mental illness. However, these disorders can be treated and overcome through treatment and counseling. Moreover, the brain's ability to form memories as well as to function properly can be restored through medications, therapies, and counseling. It is important for people with addiction to seek treatment as early as possible to avoid the devastating consequences of substance behaviors symptoms such as brain disease and addiction. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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